Tips On Water Heater Maintenance

Water heaters are a beneficial component in a household where it heats the water above its initial temperature used by cleaning, cooking, bathing, and space heating. Besides that, it supplies heated water to your taps and plumbing fixtures on demand. That is why it is necessary to maintain your water heaters so that it will continue to provide comfort that you desire. However, there are tips to be followed, especially when it comes to water heater maintenance.

Here are the following tips you should follow:

  • Know the temperature- You must keep in mind that you should always check the temperature of your water heater. The right and safest setting for your water heater maintenance is 120 degrees, which inhibits tank damage and allows you to save on losses of standby and demand heat. With this temperature setting, you can enjoy not only hot showers but for every 10 degrees you lower the temperature, you can somehow save on your energy and water bills as well.
  • You must test the pressure relief valve of your water heater- The pressure relief valve is located on the top or side of your water heater. Its function is to open and let your water out if too much pressure builds up inside your water heater tank. It would be the best time to both clear debris and check the pressure at the same time.
  • Drain the tank and flush the sediment- It is best to flush out about one-quarter of the tank in your water heater a couple of times a year and draining the tank will help remove away sediment and prolong the heating efficiency of your water heaters. The sediment is hard to notice if your tank only fills once. However, water heaters fill countless times in a year, which makes sediment continue to gather at the bottom of the tank, and it is always best to eradicate them.

Water Heaters are complex plumbing components that may require professional care and maintenance. That’s why Green Garden Plumbers are here to get you covered, especially when you are intimida by those processes mentioned above. Our team will make sure that you and your family will be provided with nothing but the best water heater maintenance services.

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